Troop 1, The Lower Farm, The Upper Lake, Dogtown Days, The Foreman, Felony Hill, Urijah, White Deer Black Bear

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296 pages
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About the Book

It was the sixties, a time of political and social upheaval, Hippies against the establishment. Young people from cities, towns, and college campuses, began protesting against the government and or involvement in Viet Nam. The music, drugs, clothes and long hair were an expression of their conscious separation from the long traditions engrained by the establishment. Young folks were trying to find themselves by honoring their bodies through health foods, by becoming in touch with their inner selves through meditation, and some needed to let go and experience life through the most potent and addicting drugs available on the streets and on college campuses.

Johnny Greeneyes, during this era, was living in one of the most aggressive cities in the United States, San Francisco, with regard to protesting the establishment and delving into places unknown through the use of drugs. Many new arrivals to the city found themselves hunting down landlords for places to live. Greeneyes found his place of residence on 9th and Howard Street and found part time employment on the Embarcadero unloading cargo ships with the longshoremen. While many young people were trying to form bands, sell drugs or scam the Social Service System to make a living, Greeneyes established himself in the city.

Greeneyes felt no allegiance to any one group of protesters or cause. Greeneyes felt the last group he had an allegiance to was the United States Army. His commitment was completed on the day of his discharge. Greeneyes’s hair was long and he was lumped into a group of young people called Hippies, although in his mind he was not a part of any group. He was searching for his own identity. Greeneyes struggles to find individual freedom from the hippie long-haired drug and sex crazed stereo type.

The stresses of the city were wearing on Greeneyes when a friend tells him about an acquaintance of his who will be coming to San Francisco from a little town east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He can’t wait to introduce Jason to Greeneyes. When he does, their relationship is a hit from the start. Jason detects in Greeneyes that he is not at peace with himself and sees the many signs of stress related to city life. After a week of convincing Greeneyes that he needs a break from the city, Jason invites Greeneyes to come back to New Mexico with him and Greeneyes agrees.

The mode of travel is hitchhiking and during the first part of the trip Jason and Greeneyes separate. During his journey Greeneyes meets the people and encounters the experiences that change his life. Follow his journey and share his revelation on THE LOWER FARM.