Troop 1, The Lower Farm, The Upper Lake, Dogtown Days, The Foreman, Felony Hill, Urijah, White Deer Black Bear

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Excerpt from the Book

Chapter 1

The days on the Embarcadero were long and repetitious; however the days continued to fly by as would the weeks, and months and the year would eventually come to an end.

As always the men after the day’s work was completed the men would go back to Pier 39 wash-up and being a Friday receive their weekly pay check.

The men would as a ritual go their favorite watering hole, Bouncer’s to get their checks cashed and their whistle’s dampened.

Lou Milth would hand out the weekly pay checks as the men would come from the wash-up area.

“Greeneyes I need you to stop in my office as soon as you done washing up.”

Greeneyes headed for the washroom and cleaned up and headed for Lou’s office.

“Kid aren’t ya gonna stop in for a cold one at Bouncer’s?” Willie yelled.

“I’ll catch up to you Willie, Lou wants to see me in his office.”

What’s up Lou?”

Greeneyes you have been a very good hand for me and you always pulled your weight working with Willie and all.’ But I have some bad news for you. As always politics plays a part in this business and one of the shirts from the hall needs his nephew to be placed on the job.”

“Lou it’s been a good run and as always a pleasure to work for you and I don’t think we have power over the politics”.

“You have made this easy for me, and working with Willie and all I will truly miss you, but I do have give you this pink slip, just in case you want apply for unemployment.”

Lou and Greeneyes shook hands and said their good buys.

Greeneyes made his way to Bouncer’s and entered through the swinging doors and could see that all the players were staged in their normal perches.

“Come over here Kid and let buy you a snort.” Willie yelled.

Greeneyes bellied up the bar next to Willie with a sober look on his face and a faraway look in his eyes.

“What gives Kid?”

“Lou had to pink slip me seems as though the politics from the hall have set in and one of the shirts needs to have his nephew put on the job.”

“I guess I’m gonna lose my partner and end up with the stiff.” Willie said with a sulk.

“You want I should talk to Lou and see if we can work something out Kid?”

“There’s no need to put Lou on the spot Willie what is, is.”


Willie yelled to the gang at the bar and told them that Greeneyes had just got pink slipped and there was a need to say their good buys proper.

The men were confused and all asked one by one what the deal was Willie and Greeneyes explained and the drinks continued to be poured and downed. The men talked of different jobs they worked on together and the practical jokes that had been pulled on each other and how Greeneyes would be missed.

“So kid what are your plans?” Willie asked with slurred speech.

“I guess I’m just going to have to wing it and play it by ear Willie.” Greeneyes responded with equally slurred speech.

The men all over stayed their welcome at Bouncer’s that night and were well saturated. Greeneyes must have gotten a dozen goodbyes from each of the guys and a drink to go along with each one of them.