Troop 1, The Lower Farm, The Upper Lake, Dogtown Days, The Foreman, Felony Hill, Urijah, White Deer Black Bear

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About the Author

Born in New York in 1946,John Morabito grew up in the scenic Hudson Valley in Peekskill, New York. John was drafted into the army during the Vietnam War. After his tour of duty, John traveled from the east coast to the west coast experiencing the times and culture of the tumultuous 60’s. John settled in San Francisco and attended City College where he enrolled in literature and writing courses. John returned to the Hudson Valley in the early 70’s,married and raised three children while working for a public utility for twenty nine years. In 2007, John began his long awaited dream of writing. Growing up in Peekskill inspired John to write his fourth novel, Dog Town Days, about a time of true friendships in a place time has forgotten, but not by everyone. Many memories and people have come alive again for him. In these pages he remembers those long forgotten days, Dog Town Days.