Troop 1, The Lower Farm, The Upper Lake, Dogtown Days, The Foreman, Felony Hill, Urijah, White Deer Black Bear

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Excerpt from the Book

Working in a power plant has stressful levels of enduring the work day, with each elevation comes the high pitched decibel of noise from each piece of rotating equipment. Each piece of equipment has a vibration factor that gives the sensation of steel grating emanating a rhythmic dance. But for the power plant workmen this noise becomes second nature and after a period of time non-existent.

Frisco Lord has more to be concerned about than noise and vibration levels, he is a foreman, a leader of his crew. His men are trained to maintain this equipment, to do preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance, and take care of any emergency that arises. They have to keep the equipment functional for the system it supports, which in turn keeps the plant online, so the generation of electrical power is distributed to the power pool and eventually the communities and customers.

Frisco Lord is in his fifteenth year at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant .Ten of those years was spent as a major maintenance mechanic, and for the past five years he serves as a foreman. Frisco is an ace trouble shooter on malfunctioning pumps, electric motors and numerous types of valves. His crew varies from five to eight men, and as of late a female, Sadie, is assigned to him. She is new and her title is “B” mechanic which makes her a helper on jobs for an “A” mechanic.

Sadie is young but mature and maintains a level of understanding of how important it is to keep the equipment running at peak performance, so that each system performs to keep the plant on line and do what it was built for, making electrical power. The men in his crew would groan when they drew the short straw of being teamed with her, but she is never a problem, she has a special high level interest about the equipment and an impenetrable attitude. She wants to learn all there is to know about the mechanics of the equipment.

Frisco knows all too well who he’s dealing with when it comes to the “shit stirrers” in his words, the mechanics who frown when they are paired with Sadie. Frisco will always mention to these guys about the equal rights laws and how she has just as much right to work as they do.

Frisco has a knack for reading peoples’ facial expressions and looking them in their eyes and deciphering if they are on the up and up with him.

Each morning is typical, the men will check in at 7am and head to the locker room; change into their coveralls and at 7:15 report to their supervisors for their assignments. Frisco scans his work assignments and sees that there is a job that needs to be completed in the machine shop by a machinist in his crew.

“Good morning people.”

The mumbled responses come as a norm to Frisco and he never takes them personally. It’s just the nature of the beast.

“Phil, I want you to get the specs on the shaft for the primary water make-up pump and go to the warehouse to get the material and fabricate the shaft on the lathe. Sadie is supporting you on the job.”

Phil is historically an ace mechanic and has been around all three units from the start of his career, but now Phil is handicapped due to a motorcycle accident that left him with a wooden right leg from the knee down. This handicap prohibits him from going out into the field to the different elevations of the plant. However, he gained a high level of respect as a machinist so he’s confined pretty much to the machine shop.

“You got it Frisco. Is this a hot job?”

“Red hot, I need this ASAP.”

Sadie follows Phil to engineering to get the specs on the pump shaft and then to the warehouse to retrieve the material.

“Rocky, Larry I want you two to get your tools together and head over to the 36’ elevation of the (PAB) Primary Auxiliary Building and stage your tools at the 31primary water make up pump. I’m heading to Operations to see if the permit is ready.”

The crew knows the urgency of the job. Each system normally has a backup for more than one component to keep the system functional. Rocky and Larry are “A” mechanics who are teamed together to expedite the repair of the component that has failed. This system is now working with only one pump and there are no guarantees that the working pump will not fail.