Troop 1, The Lower Farm, The Upper Lake, Dogtown Days, The Foreman, Felony Hill, Urijah, White Deer Black Bear

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ISBN: 9781457528729
256 pages
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Excerpt from the Book

The days of continuous mundane work leave Ree Loren, a 25 year old graduate from the University of North Carolina, in a state of loneliness. Ree obtained a degree in Marketing and Event Planning and returned to her roots in New York City. She graduated with high honors and was hired on the spot by a prestigious firm that receives huge sums of federal grant money for events and global promotions. Ree, now going on her second year with Elsner Marketing, has gained a reputation for getting the job done by meeting stressful schedule demands and huge budget concerns.

Ree knows that the missing piece of the puzzle in her life is a relationship. She had many dates and short term relationships, but they never made it to the next level. School was always her priority and now work replaces it and is more demanding. Now that she carries the title of director, she’s at the mercy of direct reports and a spontaneous schedule that leads her to the four corners of the earth. Even with her tremendous responsibilities she always maintains communications with her life-long friends and relatives.

Her fondness for Manhattan and the other four boroughs make it a pleasure to return home to her nest, high in the sky on the 25th floor of the Silver Towers on West 42nd and 11th Avenue. The wrap around floor to ceiling windows presents a breathtaking view down 42nd Street. Looking west the Intrepid is moored on the Hudson River, looking north up the Hudson stands the well-lit George Washington Bridge sparkling through the night with its majestic dignity and history.

Ree loves the fact that the city is at her finger tips offering all of its culture. Broadway, clubs, museums, restaurants, exhibits, shopping, parks and much more are in walking distance from her door. Any cuisine can be delivered within minutes piping hot. New York City is where she wants to be.

Returning from a business trip in Miami, Florida, Ree faces pile high mail stowed at the security desk. The on duty security person carries the plastic mail bin and escorts her to her apartment.

The elevator lifts them to the 25th floor where she exits the elevator with the security guard at her side holding the mail bin in front of him. She opens her apartment door and a sense of silence engulfs her. The dark wood floors are glowing as the sun shines through the freshly cleaned windows. She puts down her luggage, takes the mail bin from the security man and slips a five dollar bill in his hand. He thanks her and disappears down the corridor to the elevator.

Ree’s in the mood for a pulled pork sandwich from Virgil’s Texas Barbeque. Her mouth was craving for it from the moment she left Miami. She makes a call and is assured her supper will be delivered promptly. She begins to unpack, sorts out her soiled clothing and puts them in her washer. She’s a fanatic about the organization of personal items as she is with her work ethic.

She puts on her large flat screen television and selects a soft blues station and goes about her routine. She changes into her lounging attire, goes to her refrigerator and selects a cold beer to drink as she anticipates the ring of the doorbell and the arrival of her food. The plastic bin on the kitchen table is stacked with a week of bills, personal mail and of course junk mail. She’ll sort through it all while she nibbles on her sandwich and sips her beer. The blues softly compliment the low hum of the washer and as expected the doorbell chimes and her dinner arrives. She pays the delivery person and tips him well. She sits quietly at her kitchen table taking small bites of her sandwich and small sips of her beer while she examines each and every piece of mail.

The first piece of mail that captures her attention is a finely printed envelope with her name in gold leaf lettering; she takes a bite of her sandwich and a sip of beer, wipes her fingers with a napkin and methodically opens it. It’s an invitation to her friend, Carolyn’s, wedding. A fast wave of memories of her long friendship with Carolyn and the many years of her ongoing relationship with David cross through her mind. He finally popped the question.